What’s up with Sky? Friday Night Funkin’

What’s up with Sky? Friday Night Funkin’

What’s up with Sky? Friday Night Funkin’ hey guys welcome back to another video today i'm going to be telling about the sky mod created by bb panzer as many of you likely don't know, where the character originates from before i get started with that thank you for 75 000 subscribers we are officially three quarters of the way to a hundred thousand somehow though eighty-seven. Percent of you aren't subscribed so if you wanna, help me get to a hundred thousand hit that subscribe button okay let's get started so who is skye since this mod's. Release i've seen people that think she is an original, character created for the mod itself just an obsessive fan girl character some have even compared her to monika from ddlc however this. Isn't the case the character's sky originates from an account on tiktok called bf's wife forever you can see in the profile picture the original drawing of skype this account, is supposedly satirical and i really hope.

It is because in all seriousness there is some weird stuff here don't worry i'm only going to show you what's relevant to the.

Mod and like what happens but yeah if you're going on this account proceed with caution with that out of the way let's start connecting the dots of.

The wall shall we so in the first song skye.

Celebrates having a managed to reach boyfriend supposedly through shifting realities she seems convinced that she and boyfriend are destined to, be together even though girlfriend is sitting right there in the second song boyfriend tells skye through the language of beeps and, bops that he is already with girlfriend and skye isn't too happy about that by the end of the song she is infuriated with girlfriend so this happens well i, think a big question that needs to be answered right now is why girlfriend is simply chilling crucified on a board well, the second person on the account involves girlfriend being in the same situation. Which must be where bibi panzu got the idea from now another question. You might have is who is this supposed to be well yes it is skye but why.

Does he look like this as cringe as it may be yes i had to use that word this is quite literally the evil, counterpart of sky as seen in several of the posts on the tiktok account that's all. There is to this mod i suppose anyways on the closing note i think it's nice to see that the mod creators of the friday night funkin community are able to turn something that is. Arguably bad for the community into something good and unique i mean the, mod itself mocks the whole concept of the character's sky and her evil counterpart just by having girlfriend not, give a damn about being crucified lastly not insulting the creator of the tick tock account and all that but come on even if the whole thing is satirical let's be, real it gives a bad image, for the community it's like undertale or over again in a way i would know my name is literally.

A reference to it alright that's all for today's video remember to subscribe if you enjoyed and join the discord if you want to become a part of the community okay bye . So you.


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