The Boyfriend’s Biggest Fan FNF Mod

The Boyfriend’s Biggest Fan FNF Mod

The Boyfriend’s Biggest Fan FNF Mod hey guys what's going on my name is masonry nikkies back again once again with yet another video of course the one night i decide not to go live because i want to, work on homework and stuff to prep for the 12 hour stream that we're gonna be doing on saturday for st. Jude's bibi ponzu decides to release a freaking killer mod this mod is called versus sky it's based off of a tick tock account, called boyfriend's wife forever and it's basically the biggest simp mod i've ever seen now i don't know much. About it other than the fact that it's based off, this tick tock account well let's just get right into it all right so this is running on k engine as well okay okay. Okay i can try it on hard but again no guarantees.

Here beep it worked the shift worked we could be together forever the boyfriend the boy were friend beep boop now i'm pretty sure bb ponzio actually composed this so.

Big ups to my boy bubs because this is already a banger i like how her t-shirt the check mark. It's like opposite of boyfriend it's so weird at the end of this video we might have to go look at the. Tick tock account from my understanding this is an original character that came from the tick tock i'm kind of nervous about, the red flashing in the background i feel like it's gonna go wrong pretty well animated though for.

What it is beep i do one detail i really like is in the dialogue you can actually, see the mouth moving that is i like that a lot that helps a lot what do you mean you don't want. To date me bob what do you mean you're in a committed relationship b no no wait yeah i'm getting down with the.


Music and this though i wasn't expecting the mod to be this good because it i'm not gonna lie when i first saw it i thought it was just kind of like a joke kind of [ __ ] post.

, Mod but it is well done of course so you know bibi ponzu always freaking slaps with his mods dude .

I like the little eyes that she has like anime kind of eyes i like that a lot like how they're like really kind of sketched on uh, i didn't like that i didn't like the moan at the end that, was kind of weird for what beep so it's that stupid girlfriend that's keeping you away from me no matter i'll just manifest her away beepo poo it. Means your precious little girlfriend as good as gone for good what the [ __ ] what oh he's been crucified you i what. Look at her [ __ ] smiling she's like what you stole boyfriend away from me huh and now you will pay. Ah okay q okay i.

Read that as k like spanish okay cue the obligatory last song transformation you shut up true true hey hey hold on hold on bb palms is on some [ __ ] it's weird that, like after a couple. Mods you know have like a big angry transformation at the end they're all like that huh and you manifest crucifixions but can't manifest any, guys i'll make you eat those words go shift to danganronpa you dweeb she's flipping her girlfriend really said [ __ ] you okay girlfriend i, think you're being a bit mean don't you think don't you worry my sweet, boyfriend you won't ever have to worry about her rude ass no longer whoa now how will we just how about we just sit down and talk. Okay no bubs went in with this one dude uh maybe if.

I was better at the game god damn can i not fail please don't let me fail damn, good ass mod good ending you defeat the girl you defeat the fan girl and take your girlfriend out to manifest and go home for wendy's does that mean there's a bad.

Ending maybe if you lose on the last song maybe it's a different ending i'll play through.

This and skip ahead if i can get a different ending so, i'm back on the last song i went and played through it.

Again i'm gonna purposely fail hold on we're gonna get to the bottom of this hey bubs how do you get the bad ending on ao and now. We wait oh he's typing you win with lot less than half health oh i killed myself like 20 times okay i think i beat it with under 50 health bad. Ending you're forced to live in the manifest with your fan girl and your. Crucified girlfriend let's go you guys don't know i literally just spent like half an hour trying to like trying to beat it, with under 50 health so that was the versus sky mod by bb ponzu let's go and take a. Real quick look at the tik tok account that that mod was. Based off of features oh i can't work on an animation, because i'm having bad diarrhea hashtag help sexy and i know it is black knight wait does this imply that they're cousins god , you .


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