FNF Sky Mod All Ending

FNF Sky Mod All Ending

FNF Sky Mod All Ending hey i'm jay from the cub scouts welcome back to another episode of friday night bunking we only have one mod to check out in today's episode this is.

Called the sky mod it's about an obsessive fan girl who is trying to get with the boyfriend so she is very jealous of, the girlfriend i'm reading about this mod and people are saying that it's pretty tough but we're going to try to, get through it in this episode if you guys cool that you done with that everybody get ready and buckle up because here, we go oh before we actually get into this episode the creator of this mod wanted, to make it very clear on the download page so no weird stuff in the comments all right skye is a miner, remember that say that before you go to sleep at night beep it worked the shift. Worked we could be together forever i understand what that meant he basically said girl i'm 19, years old ain't no way oh here we go here we go oh yeah hard come on you're, saying this 's hard please please do you know who i is oh yeah. Look at that hey did you guys forget that she's a minor though don't forget that say that when you go to sleep at night tonight skye is a minor you guys better remember hey hey how am i, doing so good but my accuracy is asos 28 i feel like i'm, hitting every note dude what it went down i feel like i. Did even better than before wow nine percent bro i'm flunking out of this mod i'm about to. Repeat gotta be held back oh i gotta burp this guy is a minor don't forget yeah you know what skye you might be. A miner but you still ain't i'm gonna talk about everybody nobody's safe huh beep what do you, mean you don't want to date me bob what do you mean you're in a committed relationship no wait i mean, if you just look to your left you can clearly see okay let's raise our accuracy up look at that accuracy 94 see i knew i was a killer i knew i was, a straight killer oh my goodness no oh crap wait did my girlfriend cry real tears bro she knows i'm, not about that life oh that's pretty cool i like the animation like that bro this is. Not a stick hey don't let that face fool you though skye is a minor everybody sir i don't miss i don't, know how to miss you know it's foreign to me missing is like speaking french i don't know how to do.

It that's all you got look at this check me out bro. This is too easy people said this mom was pretty hard for what so it's that stupid girlfriend that's keeping you away from.

Me no matter i'll just manifest her away people it means your precious little girlfriend is good as gone for, good no 12 year old should, be that evil like on gun no 12 year old should be this evil whoa got a whole cut scene well not really just nailed to the plank you i what you stole boyfriend.

Away from me and now you will pay ah cue the obligatory last song transformation you shut, up you manifest crucifixions but can't manifest any guys i'll make you eat those words y'all, to danganronpa no that's wrong with the middle finger she only has four fingers so where's the middle finger actually hey am i.

Wrong though i mean you got five fingers so two two middle finger you got.

Four fingers though which one's actually the middle you're right and she talking about danganronpa but it's pretty sweet though okay girlfriend.

I think you're being a bit mean don't you think he speaks english now like i speak english don't you worry my sweet boyfriend you won't yeah that's.

What i meant oh jesus all right no more games that dude activated let's, go i like how the girlfriend's still vibing with the nails inside of her okay you know what, no more talking let me zip the s lock the key and do that i mean, hmm yeah stop playing with me stop playing with me dude two percent accuracy what in the zero percent accuracy wow oh my god bro zero, percent accuracy stop exposing me like that shy it's the most toxic 12 year old i've ever seen in my life how, do i have 0 still i was nailing those like my girlfriend's nails are nailed to that, plank what's happening bro she just sounds annoying she, sounds toxic like all 12 year olds do who am i to talk i'm a grown ass man. I sound annoyed this is annoying this is annoying you are forced to live in the manifest with your fan girl and your crucified girlfriend oh oh whoops all right everybody but that's gonna.

Do it for this episode of friday night funkin check out the creators of these mods in the description box below, hopefully you all enjoyed this episode though if you did make sure you give it one big fat.

Like and tell a friend today, that jay from the cub scouts is that dude .


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